Chinese Digital Market Adaptation

The chinese market was new for Angel Consulting,a prestigious Italian consulting firm. In order to reach potential clients and commercial partners, the brand adaptation and localization was carried out to introduce themselves in China and allow the customers to connect easily.

Business Target and objectives: create brand awareness for the new chinese market through the new website, WeChat and Baidu by a successful keyword campaign


  • Trademark registration
  • Translation
  • Multilingual website creation
  • Chinese SEO website
  • Search engine Baidu
  • Create Baidu Wikipedia page (Baidu Wiki)
  • WeChat Account management


  • Registered trademark
  • Multilingual website (CN, JA, KO, EN) with domain
  • Official WeChat account (continuous service)
  • Baidu Wiki (continuous service)
  • 5 keyword related brand and business campaign (continuous service)